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I did start to elaborate a bit mirage casino

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“Boomtown further failed to inquire into the nature of the links on its website when it received payment from the websites and when a patron of Boomtown questioned the legality of the activity on one of the links.”

There was indeed a fine to be issued; in June, the NGCB slapped Boomtown Reno with a paltry $40,000 penalty and ordered the casino and its parent company to publish a compliance statement on its online site. And where that might be the end of the tale, there’s another chapter to be told, that being a whistleblower version of events offered by the web developer that BCH charged with putting Boomtown Reno’s online-gambling offerings together.

As to how the whole online-gambling project came together, Lola offered a few more bullet points:

The Other Version of Events

When contacted by Flushdraw, Lola offered a rather different tale than that publicly shared by Boomtown Reno and, if one is to be honest about it, the NGCB. The web developer admitted not knowing the intricacies of Nevada online-gambling laws, but that was to be expected: The person left a high-paying job in another state to return to the Reno area to help care for a sick parent, accepting much lower pay for a job the casino posted on Craigslist.

“Now, to me and probably most people,” wrote Lola, “a 40K fine is enormous. But to BCH and the gaming industry, I am told by inside analysts this [is] pocket change. For the NGCB to finalize the case by letting BCH skim by with a “Lack of Oversight” claim, then to leave the entire case lingering at the feet of ‘1 Employee’ is a bit weak in my humble opinion.”

Theoretically, what if a casino got caught in their own alleged casino con cashing in on customer losses, then after getting caught, changed their story and said they were under the impression they were not making a profit, what would you think?

Theoretically, would I need a Casino College Degree to be a Casino Exec at that casino, or would my Romper Room Book of Manners get me past the Lack of Oversight committee in this massive Peter Principle tale?

Theoretically, what if a casino knowingly paid for expensive freeway billboards promoting illegal offshore gambling for several months, but then denied knowing what they were for, what would you think?

Casino Execs Conform Statements

The official complaint filed against Boomtown Reno back in May offered this abridged version of events:

My statement was truthful, a mere “5 bullets”, and included copies of every email sent and received from BCH execs. BCH refused to submit my statement to the NGCB. Instead, the BCH Finance Director insisted that I alter my original statement, specifying that I was solely responsible for setting up the entire alleged casino con. My boss and the GM backed up her request, it was an eye opener, but later the GM was convicted.

About my talks with the NGCB: One day while working at my desk at BCH, the Marketing Director and GM called me into their office and informed me the NGCB would be speaking to me privately, and they wanted to make sure that there were not going to be any surprises in my statements. A couple days later I was summoned to the GM’s office where there was a conference call about to happen with the NGCB investigating officer. I was told to answer “Yes and No” and not to elaborate if not needed. During the questions, I did start to elaborate a bit, and literally, the GM gave me the hand across the throat “cut it off” sign, so I did.

The Web Developer’s Tale

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