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A new YouGov Custom Research highlights the importance of the 2018 World Cup championship to gambling operators, and more specifically when it comes to attracting new customers. According to information revealed in the results of the survey, over three times as many people placed bets with online gambling companies than in land-based bookmakers’ shops.

In addition, the 2018 World Cup resulted in bringing further benefits for online gambling brands, as more than 1 million “new gamblers” were added to the customers who used the gambling services provided by the companies at the time of the tournament. The category “new gamblers” was comprised of individuals who had not made a sports bet in the previous year.


Olivia Cole has worked as a journalist for several years now. Over the last couple of years she has been engaged in writing about a number of industries and has developed an interest for the gambling market in the UK.



 regardless of the fact if it came to an office-based competition gambling help online

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Olivia Cole

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The research commissioned by the international online market research and data analytics firm YouGov has revealed how the moods of the fans of the largest football tournament on a global scale have pushed them to become more involved into gambling, regardless of the fact if it came to an office-based competition, a friends’ bet, or placing a bet with an established gambling operator.


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