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SEC: Las Vegas online game developer gambled away investors'

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SEC: Las Vegas gambling/112X192017.html">online game developer gambled away investors' money

by The Associated Press

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Federal regulators are accusing a Las Vegas online game developer of gambling away part of his investors' money.

The Securities and Exchange Commission in a complaint filed Thursday accuses developer Robert Alexander of misspending part of the approximately $9 million he raised from investors for a purported online gambling business.

Regulators allege in the complaint that Alexander misappropriated at least $1.3 million from investments in Kizzang LLC, including $404,000 that he used in gambling sprees and $579,000 for personal credit card bills.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York in a statement says it has filed securities and wire fraud charges against Alexander in a parallel action. The statement says the 49-year-old Las Vegas resident was arrested Thursday.

Federal court records do not list an attorney who could comment on Alexander's behalf.

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