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I lost £1.3m gambling and was locked up for stealing from wo

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I lost £1.3m gambling and was locked up for stealing from work

Thursday, 8 November 2018 - Business

A Reporter

by A Reporter - Reporter

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Paul Buck admits he had a ’pathological’ gambling disorder which led him down a ’horrendous’ road.

Over a 10-year period he gambled £4.8million across an incredible 93 separate betting accounts.

In all he lost £1.3 million and was jailed for stealing ’nearly half a million quid’ from the bank where he was a regional manager.

And he only handed himself in to the authorities after attempting to take his own life in desperation over his addiction.

Father of three Mr Buck is the founder and chief executive of Epic Risk Management, an independent gambling harm minimisation consultancy.

He regularly makes appearances at events to discuss the financial, legal and regulatory risks that problem gambling can have within the workplace and is now recognised as one of the industry’s leading gambling harm minimisation experts.

He spoke to Business News as he prepared his presentation to a 90-strong audience of gambling operators and regulators at an event held at Noa Bakehouse in Douglas.

It was hosted by SMP Partners’ eGaming division on the first day of ’Responsible Gambling Week, which always starts on the first day of November.

SMP Partners takes social responsibility seriously and has been working closely with GamCare Isle of Man through the ’umbrella’ charity Motiv8.

Mr Buck explained that his presentation focuses on six levels of gambling addiction.

And he admits he was once at the sixth and most dangerous stage.

He told Business News: ’There is no doubt that I was a pathological gambler.

’These six stages go on an ever destructive path and I was at stage six.’

Mr Buck, 42, said he was at university in 1994 and joined the football team where he discovered the other players were all big gamblers, even at the age of 18.

’Within three or four days it was all about gambling.


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