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Deborah Doty Brown was charged with theft riviera casino

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“We retained a lawyer to … take control of the estate,” he said. “I asked for three months of bank statements. The last three months he was alive. We looked at them and we were flabbergasted. … Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars taken out of an ATM.”

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McNamara argued that Deborah Doty Brown’s offenses had nothing to do with Broome. He said by December of 2014, Deborah Doty Brown was charged with theft, pleaded guilty in March of 2015 and was sentenced in May 2015.

Flanagan said Broome assisted her mother in attempting to prevent a meeting between Marvin Brown and Felton. He said Broome attempted to convince others to impersonate Felton’s secretary and leave a message on Brown’s answering machine, canceling the meeting.

McNamara asked if Chris Brown and his wife also had substance abuse issues in the 2012 to 2013 range. Chris Brown denied it and said his employment at that time at Murray Energy had strict and frequent drug screening requirements.

“Deb wrote it, gave it Meredith and said ‘would you ask somebody to do this,'” McNamara said, adding that Broome was dependent on her mother and unaware that this could constitute wrongdoing. He added that Broome apparently could find no one to place the planned call, which may not have even been made. He said tampering with evidence specifies that the offender know an official proceeding or investigation is in progress or may begin.

On cross-examination by McNamara, Chris Brown confirmed that the account was a joint one between his father and step-mother, and that he could not know which bank transactions were done by Deborah Doty Brown alone. McNamara asked if Broome had ever made withdrawals. Chris Brown said Deborah Doty Brown wrote checks to her daughter for cleaning an office he said did not exist. Under McNamara’s questioning, Chris Brown said he could not know if Broome had any part in her mother’s activities with the accounts.

“They realized that the company was fleeced of hundreds of thousands of dollars,” he said, adding that during probate proceedings Deborah Doty Brown provided forged bank records. Flanagan added that prior to Marvin Brown’s death, he had begun exerting more control over the finances and intended to consult accountant Pat Felton.

 Deborah Doty Brown was charged with theft riviera casino


Flanagan reviewed the background of the case, saying Marvin Brown had owned the successful Powhatan Construction, while Deborah Doty Brown worked as the bookkeeper. He said after Marvin Brown’s death, his sons reviewed business records and found irregularities.

 Deborah Doty Brown was charged with theft riviera casino

 Deborah Doty Brown was charged with theft riviera casino

“Her daughter Meredith was not charged, was not an accomplice, was not involved in the theft. Nobody claimed that she was,” he said.

“This case is about a coverup. A coverup for a crime,” he said. “To understand the coverup, you must however first have knowledge of the crime.”

Her mother, Deborah Doty Brown, who is Marvin Brown’s widow, was convicted and has served a three-year sentence, She has since been released from prison.

The prosecution’s first witness was Chris Brown of Powhatan Point, one of Marvin Brown’s sons and a former employee at Powhatan Construction. He related how he and his brothers began to uncover his step-mother’s offenses.

“Deborah Brown bought more from me that anyone else come close to buying,” Hubbard said.

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