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Daniel Williams

Unfortunately, local Government officials have not been able to reach a compromise on the regulation and monitoring of the Irish gambling industry. Long-time discussions have been on the table in the Dáil, while gambling addiction and gambling-related harm rates across the nation continue to rise.

The new Gambling Control Bill has been backed by some prominent politicians, including David Hickson, Sharon Byrne, Maureen O’Sullivan, etc. According to Ms O’Sullivan, the new piece of gambling legislation will play an important part in tackling organised crime and money laundering in the country. All three of them have shared opinions that the existing gambling laws are not up to date, with most of them being initially forged in the 1950s. According to campaigners, it is the Irish Government which bears the responsibility to make sure that the local gambling industry is well regulated and controlled.


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Online gambling has also spread in popularity among young people between 18 and 35 years of age. What makes it so preferred is the easy accessibility and the opportunity to place a bet within a few minutes.

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The problem with compulsive gambling is serious. Currently, Ireland is ranked among the countries with the highest average level of individual losses on gambling per capita – a problem which has led to more calls for stricter regulation. The fact that gambling companies are easily able to circumvent the process for acquiring a gambling operation licence makes things even worse, as local gamblers can easily play on illegal premises or websites.

On the other hand, the major piece of legislation which regulates the local gambling market has long been considered pretty much outdated. Campaigners have proposed certain changes to be made in Irish gambling laws, and in 2013 the Gambling Control Bill was presented to Dáil Éireann. However, since then it has made very little progress, with no movement made on the Bill since May 9th, 2018.

For the time being Ireland is at one of the top places of gambling engagement rates in the world.

Daniel Williams


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