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which offer free bets and bonuses slot games

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They are the latest in a series of measures taken around gambling advertising

lThis Thursday [February 22], as part of Motiv8’s 40th year anniversary celebrations, Motiv8 is hosting a conference on the subject of addictive behaviours and mental health/dual diagnosis issues.

 which offer free bets and bonuses slot games

‘Gambling advertising has become a staple of the media, even taking over channels into the night and is a major market player in advertising some of our most popular sporting activities.

Crackdown on ‘bet now’ ads is welcomed by island charity

Thursday, 22 February 2018 By in Business

‘However any new website coming into the market will find it hard to establish enough revenue to break even. In effect it will not be harmful to the incumbents but could place start ups at a disadvantage.

And Castletown-based Warwick Bartlett chief executive of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants GBGC told Business News: ‘A significant proportion of the island’s employment and revenue is now sourced from eGaming so any material changes to regulation has an impact.’

Advertising Association chief executive Stephen Woodford said the new guidelines were an ‘essential and welcome addition’ to advertising codes.


Digital or printed subscriptions

‘The companies while not being able to prompt gamblers through the television will be able to send SMS prompts to the mobile phone. So sports books will be able to retain their existing customers but will lose the TV to market offers directly to potential new customers.

‘If they lost that, the UK and IoM would have no purpose for them other than from a headquarters perspective.

Warwick Bartlett of GBGC, a world-respected commentator on the gambling and gaming industry, said: ‘The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) aims to curb the advertising of free bets and bonuses along with betting prompts inviting gamblers to play during a match.

The UK Gambling Commission welcomed the news and programme director Ian Angus said: ‘The new advertising standards set clear expectations for the gambling industry.’

She told Business News she had heard of ‘horror stories’ of punters having to bet as much as £102 before their match bonus could be released.

‘GamCare Isle of Man is a free, confidential and non-judgmental service that provides support for anyone concerned about their own, or someone else’s gambling.

It was important that everything was made clear for customers and ‘not hidden away in the small print.’

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