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An Indonesian climber disappeared for a week without a word.

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On April 11, Indonesia’s “Sin Chew Daily” reported that on the 7th, the body of Andre Volt, a missing week climber, was found in Indonesia’s Mount Melbhu and he was led to search and rescue personnel. The site of the remains was a group of wild monkeys.

Profile: Monkey. Wang Zhongjue Figures: Monkeys. According to media reports, a climber named Phil Diani reported from the mountain down Mount Merbab that Slovakian climber Walter was missing. A joint search and rescue team consisting of search and rescue teams from the Central Java Province of Indonesia, the military, the police, and national park management personnel began searches.

According to Yahooya, the operations assistant of the Central Search and Rescue Bureau in search of rescue operations in Central Java, the first unit search and rescue team that discovered Andrei’s body was the first. At about 7 o'clock local time on the 7th, the first unit search and rescue team departed from the top station of the summit and searched from the bottom up. When they searched along the river in Karimenko village, they finally found the remains of the missing person. The joint search and rescue team found a group of wild monkeys on the site of the remains.

According to reports, about 15 wild monkeys were found in the village of Sloti in Karimenko and saw several wild monkeys running towards the river when the joint search team members arrived. When the search and rescue team members looked forward, they discovered the remains of the men they had been looking for, and they were in the heaps of rocks in the riverbed. At that time, the water potential was not great.

Amin said that the climber has fallen into disappointment due to unknown reasons. It is speculated that the cause may be due to slip, or hypothermia leading to disorientation or other causes. He said, "That was not the investigation field of the joint search and rescue team. We only knew that he had been missing in the mountains of Merbabu for more than a week." Knowing the location of the remains, the search and rescue team immediately contacted the nearest police force.

After the end of the identification process, volunteers carried their bodies on a stretcher. After searching for the missing person, the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Service immediately contacted the Slovak Consulate in Jakarta to handle the repatriation of André’s remains.



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