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A former ministerial official in France is sued for how to p

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China News Agency, Paris, April 6 (Reporter: Long Jianwu) A former Korean ministerial senior official from France was sent to the court after being arrested on the 6th for provocation. He will appear at the Paris Misdemeanor Court in July this year.

According to reports, from the middle of the night of April 4 to the early morning of the 5th, Jean-Vincent Prassey, the former chairman of the Senate group of members of the Environmental Protection Group and the former State Secretary of State Reform and Administrative Affairs of the French Senate. Vincent Placé) in a bar in the 5th district of Paris, looking for trouble, allegedly insulting others with racist remarks.

The report said that Dr. Russell, who had been drunk at the time, tangled up with a young woman in her 20s and was rejected by her request for compensation to accompany her. The former senator was furious and verbally abused the woman.

At this point, store security intervention to intervene Prassey "please" out of the bar. The former ministerial high-level official did not stop there, but continued to swear by the security guard. He claimed: "This is not Maghreb (usually the North African region where Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are located). Believe it or not, I will send you back to Africa!"

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