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English nerve agent incident: Former Russian spy disease is

edit:admin time:2018-04-07

China News Service, London, April 6 (Reporter Zhang Ping gambling commission) British hospital disclosed on the 6th that the former Russian spy Sergey Skripal was no longer in critical condition.

The Salisbury Regional Hospital of the United Kingdom announced to the media on the same day that Scribel’s body was out of critical condition and responded well to treatment and was recovering health.

Scrippell's daughter, Yulia Skripal, was out of danger a week ago and has now resumed consciousness and can speak. She hopes her privacy will be protected.

The hospital claims that they still need continuous medication and still need to provide special care and care.

“Can speak”, the British media made reports one day, and they planned to ask questions: What did the poisoning coma do before? Is it threatened? Is there an abnormal situation? The British media generally paid attention to and looked forward to the results of police investigations conducted by the “core personages” of the father and daughter of Scribel.

Scribel and her daughter Yulia stunned at the Salisbury shopping center on March 4th. The UK accused Russia of manipulating this “nerve agent” behind the scenes and ousted 150 of its allies. Russian diplomat. Russia firmly denies this and has countered the expulsion of a comparable number of diplomats from Britain and its allies. (Finish)

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