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Lady Gaga Loves The Cult Video Game Bayonetta, And So Should

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Celebrities and video games have long coexisted. I can remember the late, great Rik Mayall selling Nintendo products on TV in the 1990s. (Watch the ads, they're great.) Every E3, we see familiar faces rolled out to promote the latest triple-A wares. And way back when, Michael Jackson liked SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog so much that he even worked on music for the blue blur's third Mega Drive game.

But renowned pop titan Lady Gaga loving Japanese studio PlatinumGames' awesome but somewhat leftfield action title Bayonetta? That's a new one to us - and we're entirely into it.

The singer and actress - whose latest film, A Star Is Born, is in cinemas now - took to Twitter on the weekend to post that she was working her way through the 2009 game, which certainly can be quite the challenging experience...

When you beat Chapter IV of Bayonetta and then realize Chapter V is going to kick your ass ☠️:joy: secret #gamergirl THE SHADOW REMAINS TOUGH!!!!!!

- Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) November 4, 2018

Re-released earlier in 2018 for Nintendo Switch, alongside its previously Wii U-exclusive sequel of 2014, Bayonetta is the kind of game that totally deserves a spotlight like this. It's a slick and stylish hack-and-slash affair in which the player is cast as the titular witch, who packs rather more than a broomstick into her arsenal.

We're talking guns strapped to her high-heeled boots, speedier fists than a prizefighter, and some special moves involving her hair - which is also her outfit, and, um, yeah - which make for awesome, screen-filling scenes of gory destruction. The victims? Angels, albeit some pretty grotesque versions of them.

Lady Gaga, 'Poker Face'

Lady Gaga, 'Poker Face'

Now, Gaga's (pictured above, in a still from her 'Poker Face' video) seal of approval might just bump the game's sales somewhat, ahead of the release of the Switch-only Bayonetta 3, which is yet to receive a release date.

The replies to Gaga's tweet - she has 77.8 million followers on Twitter, so there's a few! - are typically along the lines of, "What kind of game is this?", and, "Do you play Fortnite?"

(Spoiler: Bayonetta is way better than Fortnite. IMO, obvs. But also: it is.)

And it seems that Gaga's been under the game's influence for a while, too, as an older tweet linked in reply to hers illustrates a couple of pretty clear parallels between how she's appeared in public and Bayonetta's in-game depiction. Arse-kicking witches, eh? Style icons.

Lady Gaga IS Bayonetta, this much we know pic.twitter.com/21j7stkwo3

- ᶻᵃᶜʰᵃʳʸ (@Z_ninetales) February 18, 2018


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