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Ive been playing the game for six years and every single Fr

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"There's a lot of history to it. Super collectible, great art, lots of things like that and then the game itself is really complex, has stuff for everyone which is my favorite part about it." said Chris Hager, assistant store manager, "Your decks can be like an embodiment of who you are since there's so much variety to it which is really fun. It's cool to see the things that people come up with."

Unlike video games, the Magic community offers face-to-face interaction. It also requires a large range of knowledge.

"You know if you think of a poker tournament, it's similar to that only not everyone is playing with the same cards." explained Patrick Anderson, one of the owners of Double Play,  "Everybody is building much different decks and the cards are much more complicated but at the end of the day, it's mathematics, strategy and reading your opponent."

The cards depict spells, artifacts, and creatures. After 25 years of new cards being released, the possibilities are endless.


Mankato, Minn.-- Fans of Magic:The Gathering brought their best 60 cards to the comic book store Double Play to challenge fellow planeswalkers in a battle of luck, skill. and lots of experience. The winner of the Mankato Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier earns a spot in the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier in Minneapolis.

"It's a lot of fun. You'll end up taking some bad beats here and there." said Miller, "Just stick with it. It's a blast."

"Magic is game all about the community. People come here every Friday night we get 30 plus people to hang out and play cards and trade and talk and just have fun." said Corey Miller, co-owner of Double Play.

"You never stop learning." said Hager, "I've been playing the game for six years and every single Friday, we're learning something new and that's fun, so it's a never ending challenge."

All of the participants at the Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier are experienced players. However, Double Play hosts several Magic:The Gathering events during the week and newcomers are welcome to come on Thursday to the club meetings to learn more.

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