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Charity poker tournament to be help local teen set for Satur

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RENO, Nev. 14 year old Ethan Earl hasn’t caught too many breaks in life to this point.

The Cal Neva Event Room, where the tournament will be held.

“Even though he’s 14 he functions at a 4-5 year old level,” says his mother Debbie Earl. “He has a tendency to just take off.”

Ethan has a wide range of disabilities. Among them are Neurofibromatosis, autism, and a rare chromosomal abnormality. He’s low functioning and non-verbal.

His condition has caused scares on a number of occasion for his mother Debbie.

“At Lego land. He bolted and he was gone for almost an hour. That was the scariest moment of our lives,” Debbie Said. “They had to shut down the park for an hour while we found him.”

That is what Debbie wants to make sure doesn’t happen again, and she thinks a special dog will be the way to make sure.

“There a great organization in Portland called autism anchoring dogs, and they train the dog to drop when the child is about to take off, and it has helped many families live a normal life,” she said.

The dog won’t be cheap, but Ethan has plenty of community support.

“We recognize that there is a need in the community, “said Megan Aguayo of Alta Vista Community Resource Center. “We want to bridge the gap between insurance and resources by helping families financially.”

A charity tournament will be held in honor of Ethan as well as Dave Freeman. It will be this Saturday at the Club Cal Neva event room next to the sports book.

It’s a $75 buy in, and will have $20 rebuys throughout the tournament. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three places. Dinner will be provided starting at 5 PM.

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