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In the next episode of the series, Carroters takes a look at live play.

Poker Training Video:  What’s Your Range, Ep5 – Postflop Play

This video was originally part of GrinderSchool.com’s premium subscription-based training service but is now being made available for free by PartTimeVideo_Poker/112M032017.html">Poker.

Video_Poker/112M032017.html">Poker Training Video: What’s Your Range, Ep5 – Postflop Play

by Staff | Mar 23, 2018 at 4:15 pm | Training Videos

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In the penultimate episode of “But What’s Your Range?” Carroters goes over some post-flop spots where we can utilize GTO considerations to work out how to play a hand based on where it falls into our range. He goes over a flop example of how wide to float c-bets, a turn example of barrelling as a semi bluff and two river spots. Carroters wants to stress that this video is highly theoretical and not directly applicable to every spot that comes up in practice.

If you missed an episode, you can watch this series from the beginning.

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