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not the super ergonomic gamepad that most consoles have now

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Luckily, Ms. Pac-Man is only £3.19, so you can start playing this fan-favourite for under £5.

Best of all, Pinball Arcade is completely free on the Microsoft Store – so it won’t cost you a single penny.

We don’t know the exact reasons of every last gamer (probably a combination of many), but we certainly know that retro’s newfound popularity has led to a massive expansion of the number of Xbox One arcade games.

Ms. Pac-Man

Harley-Davidson® / Third Edition

If you want to play the games above with the full retro feel, then you’ll need an Xbox One arcade stick. The Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick is a good option – with modifiable parts, reversible X/Y axis, customisable buttons, and across the board compatibility (so you can use it on your PC in addition to your Xbox One). However, a quick Amazon search will bring up plenty of Xbox One arcade stick alternatives – just in case the Mayflash is a little pricey.

Dig Dug is also only £3.19, so you’re not going to break the bank with this one.

Dig Dug

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