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Woman arrested in gambling raid: Im frightened

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A woman f="/Video_Poker/011240X2018.html">arrested in a f="/gambling/120513022017.html">gambling raid last week said she has had "the most terrifying and miserable experience of her life," after spending 5 days in jail and learning of the dozens of felony charges against her and her husband.

Tammy Garamova is the president of the Colorado Skill Games and Entertainment Association, and her husband owns the adult arcades that Denver police raided and seized last week.

"Our games are arcade games, really no different than games you would find at Dave and Busters, Chuckie Cheese, and FTW," said Garamova.

There's a key difference though. Players get cash instead of prizes which is what makes them an adult arcade.

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"That's it, that's the only distinction," Garamova said.

In the eyes of the Denver Police Department, that distinction makes them illegal. She and her husband were arrested for operating slot machines and are facing almost dozens of counts of felony gambling.

"Well, of course, I'm frightened," said Garamova. "I'm frightened for my children. I'm frightened for my family. I can't believe that this is happening. While I'm fighting on a legislative front against House Bill 1234 which would actually make me illegal, I'm being charged with all of these crimes for something that is clearly legal today."

Lawmakers proposed House Bill 1234 hoping to make it more clear that adult arcade games with a cash payout are like slot machines.

But since the bill has yet to pass, Garamova says she and her husband are innocent.

In all, three people were arrested in last week's raid. Formal charges have not yet been filed.

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