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The backup singing of Régine Chassagne, Butler’s wife, is worthy of mention, as it adds the missing link to the song. Chassagne’s soft, polished vocals bring down the tone of the track to make it overall more appealing.

“Put Your Money on Me” is the sort of single that gives me hope for the music industry. Not because it’s on some unattainable level of perfection, but because it’s well written and well produced and there is no reason that a competent musician shouldn’t be able to create works at its level.

Arcade Fire has never had trouble writing alternative or crossover hits, but in “Put Your Money on Me,” the band managed to keep its integrity, which so many others have failed to do in the glare of the spotlight. The band proved that artists can try something new without entirely abandoning the sound that gave them a fan base in the first place.

“We were born innocent, but it lies today/And baby you can give all the money away/But if there's a race, a race for your heart/It's over, before it starts."

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It’s clear that Butler intended “Put Your Money on Me” to have a haunting feel to it. The production is played up in just the right way to create an eerie result that stays with you, long after the last chord is played.

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The Montreal-based rock band brought the bop to Saturday Night Live on March 17 with “Creature Comfort.” The performance opened with a cut to slot machines decorated to promote Everything Now. Frontman Win Butler then stood up to join his band, dressed in black and red modern chic attire. With the assembly of the SNL performance, the theme and inspiration for the album were brought to life.

“Put Your Money on Me” is simultaneously dreamy and grounded. It’s well balanced and catchy without being annoying. Honestly, other mainstream artists should be taking notes because a departure doesn’t have to be a sellout, and Arcade Fire is among the few that seem to grasp the concept of good variety.

There are parts of the musical arrangement that mimic slot machines and old-fashioned video games. The percussion and keys meet the electronics for a flawless finish to the single. The band was treading dangerous waters with so much going on, production wise, but it proved its fine-tuned ear and undeniable talent, rather than hitting a sour note.

“Put Your Money on Me” is a new-age love song with a twist. Catchy, edgy and authentic, “Put Your Money On Me,” off 2017’s Everything Now, is a diamond in the rough. In the new single Arcade Fire has one of the best releases of 2018, so far.

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