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but others would need to hold a referendum and have voters

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Easter said the group commissioned a study and found the answer: historic horse racing.

Godsey pointed to pictures of Toccoa on her workroom wall that show her precious horse, which was the first horse she trained who won a race at Colonial Downs in New Kent County.

Debbie Easter

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- Regal, chestnut, and with the knowing eyes of a horse who has been there done that, Toccoa watches over Eagle Point Farm in Hanover County.

The racetrack shut down three years ago.

Historic horse racing involves slot-like gaming machines that allow folks to bet on races already run.

"A couple of people have called her the queen of Colonial," Toccoa's owner, and the owner of the farm, Karen Godsey said.

Nine localities already allow off track betting sites, but others would need to hold a referendum and have voters decided if they want to open one in their community.


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