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and mana. They will also gain gold casino room

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Roulette Knight mixes Russian Roulette and RPGs, having players grow stronger as they try not to shoot themselves in the head.

Roulette Knight is available for free on Itch.io.


Roulette Knight Turns Russian Roulette Into An RPG

By . May 8, 2018 . 3:00pm


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The protagonist of Roulette Knight seems quite strong in the beginning, able to withstand a shot, but this is because the game is separated into different areas of the map with various properties that can make things more challenging, and players have to move onto a new area every few shots or they will stop receiving experience and gold for their risky behavior.


In Roulette Knight, players will choose how many bullets to load, then spin the cylinder before having the option to pull the trigger. Should they not shoot themselves in the head, they’ll gain levels which will let them upgrade their knight along skill trees that give them more health, regeneration, healing magic, and mana. They will also gain gold, which can be used to buy items that turn damage into healing effects, grant them higher defense against a headshot, or grant them a percent chance to dodge shooting themselves.

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