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according to the statement. Hendren and his police partner

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Hendren and his police partner were at his home early Thursday when they were reportedly on duty and supposed to be patrolling a neighborhood.

The male officers were on-duty but for unexplained reasons at one of their apartments in the early hours of January 24.

The ex-hitman also said Guzman had tortured two other members of the Zetas cartel before throwing them in a bonfire. Goldbarg spent much her closing argument reviewing evidence linking Guzman to individual drug shipments.

Alix was allegedly killed after the two were playing with firearms.

"This is a serious problem in objective investigative tactics", Gardner said in her letter. "Taking these tests under the cover of Garrity appears as an obstructionist tactic to prevent us from understanding the state of these officers during the commission of this alleged crime".

The report also states that "no employee shall consume alcohol while on duty and/or engage in City business", which "includes a prohibition on alcohol consumption during the entire work period", including lunch and dinner breaks, according to the report.

She claimed that a police lieutenant erroneously told her office that a hospital would not honor a search warrant for the officers' blood. Hendren grabbed the gun back from Alix, pulled the trigger, and this time it fired, striking Alix in the chest, the document said. The officer said he "felt uncomfortable" with the situation and "didn't want to have any part of it".

Hendren's attorney, Talmage E. Newton IV, asked Circuit Judge David Roither at the morning hearing to allow Hendren to post 10 percent, or $5,000, of his original $50,000 bond. The judge also ordered Hendren to surrender any firearms in his possession.

Hendren and his police partner, also 29, rushed her to hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The gun did not discharge. "How it went down, I don't like it". We need more answers.

Gardner's letter said there was 'probable cause at the scene that drugs or alcohol may be a contributing factor in a potential crime'.

Charging documents say Hendren and Alix became involved in a unsafe game, taking turns pointing a gun loaded with one bullet at each other and pulling the trigger.

So then she took charge herself, paying for 20 hotel rooms on her American Express card at $70 each, CBS Chicago reported.

In first reporting the shooting, police said the death was accidental and occurred when an unnamed officer "mishandled" a gun while they were sitting in the living room.

Alix was off duty at the time of last week's shooting, and Hendren was on duty, according to a probable cause statement supporting the charges. New Jersey, says statements officers are compelled to make to keep their jobs cannot be used in criminal cases, because the officers could not exercise their right to remain silent. "We will do whatever is necessary to get to the truth of this incident". "The family is convinced that with Katlyn's training, both police and military, there remains a substantial amount of unanswered questions. questions about the circumstances of the event".

Gardner wrote that urine and breath tests were performed on the male officers, but not a blood test.

Crisis-hit Venezuela to ship gold to UAE for euros in cash

The parents of a St. Louis police officer allegedly killed by a colleague during a 1am game of Russian roulette have hired a legal team to conduct their own investigation and are considering a lawsuit.

Russia, China and several other countries said in turn that they recognize Maduro as the country's only legitimate head of state. He has spoken at times about safeguarding Venezuela's assets so they can be used to fund humanitarian aid to the country.

Hendren's attorney said Alix's death was a 'tragic accident'. He had blistering words for the prosecutor, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, and her suspicions of police obstructing justice in the case.


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