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First the bill will go to the general assembly in Richmond, and then it will need a signature from the governor.

"If we don't allow our citizens this opportunity it's a great injustice to our citizens," states James Buckner, a city council member.

The company came up with the idea for a resort and casino as a way to bring jobs to the region.

Delegate Danny Marshall says tonight's vote was an important step, but the most important step comes from the residents themselves.

"I think that in certain issues like this that you need to allow the citizens to say 'yay' or 'nay'," said Marshall.

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- The Danville City Council unanimously voted in favor of a resolution that would allow a casino in the city's limits tonight.

A small company in Bristol first approached city council about the ideea back in October.

"We've been presented with the opportunity to create thousands of good paying jobs and receive billions of dollars in tax revenue each year," said Lee Vogler, the Vice Mayor of Danville.

The United Company is also proposing casinos in Bristol and Portsmouth.

After that, the citizens of Danville will get the chance to weigh in.

United's PR firm says the company is interested in helping communities grow economically, and see similarities between Bristol and Danville.

With the vote tonight, city council is paving the way for Roulette in the River City.

Just minutes before the vote, several councilman explained why they think it's worth the gamble.

"To the same extent that a project of that magnitude could benefit Bristol and southwest Virginia," said Andy Poarch with The Alliance Group. "I think there are enough parallels with Danville and southside Virginia."

After researching the company, it turns out they have never owned or run a casino before.

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