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Australian Eight Ball National Championship competitor claim

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Mr Kernich had been playing the same randomly picked numbers for about 10 years without any wins in the Northern Territory.

“This is a lot better than a trophy,” he said.

Mr Kernich attended the championships with his daughter and granddaughter, who also competed.

Ken Kernich, 67, said he “didn’t do so well” in the pool tournament at Commercial Club Albury but instead won a $1,171,719 jackpot on Friday night.

He plans to retire, buy a nice car, do more travel and spoil his children and grandchildren at Christmas.

Australian Eight Ball National Championship competitor claim online internet casino

“It was about time,” he said.

“I put some money on the bar on Saturday night at the presentation event, so 200 people got to enjoy my winning.”

A Darwin man won a $1.1 million Keno jackpot while competing in the Australian Eight Ball National Championship in Albury.
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