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$300,000 lottery ticket sold in Cressona

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CRESSONA — A very lucky lottery player had a dream come true when he rubbed off a $300,000 ticket on Monday at the shop where he regularly buys tickets in the Cressona Mall.

Sam’s Place Lottery and Tobacco Inc. sold the winning ticket Monday morning to the unidentified player. In recent months, the shop has had a number of large winners, something that general manager Katlyn Konsavage is happy about.

“The winner bought his tickets about 10-ish,” Konsavage said. “I was in the store at the time, but I wasn’t operating the register. One of our employees sold the tickets. He is one of our regular customers and I believe he bought a whole book of tickets and one of them happened to be a super-good one.”

The Pennsylvania Lottery $10 Monopoly game offers 10 top prizes of $300,000. According to the lottery website, the odds of winning the top prize is one in 840,000. The winner purchased a book of 60 tickets at $10 each. Right after he bought the tickets, he immediately checked — as he always does — whether he got some winners.

“We have some tables out in the mall area. There are four stools at each table and allows them to scratch the tickets and talk with other customers who come to the mall,” Konsavage said. “He normally hangs out and scratches his tickets and checks them out right away. He was lucky today.”

Konsavage said she did not see his reaction when he realized the magnitude of the winning ticket.

“Unfortunately I wasn’t there, which is heartbreaking because obviously it’s a big deal,” she said. “He had commented to the employee working that he is close to retirement, so hopefully that will help so he won’t have to go to work anymore. It’s a super surprise for the Monday after Easter. You can’t have a bad Monday with a ticket like that.”

There have been four large winners in Sam’s Place in Cressona and Montoursville in the last six months. Someone purchased a $10 Willy Wonka scratch-off ticket at the Montoursville location last year and won $10,000.

“She was a regular customer,” Konsavage said. “And then around Valentine’s Day at our Cressona Mall store, another one of our regular customers hit another $10,000 on a $2 ticket.”

Within the past two weeks, Konsavage received a call from an employee about a large winner.

“She called me and said, ‘You won’t believe this.’ She described her to me, and we’re on a first name basis with a lot of customers, and she said, ‘I sold her a $100,000 winner,’ ” Konsavage said.

She said that some people do buy whole books with the hope of getting a big winner. Books range from $300 to $900, depending on the game.


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