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Expressing his voice: Larry Austin Jr. brings unique emotion

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Walking through the dark and silent basement halls of McGuirk Arena, it was another normal Wednesday morning of practice for the Central Michigan men's basketball team.

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The closer you creep to the doors which enter the court, you begin to hear the squeaking of shoes across the slick floor and faint yells from the players. However, there was one voice you could pick apart from the rest and make out the words being said before opening those doors.

"Aye man, let me get it, one more shot!" 

It's the same voice you hear from start to finish, loud and clear on game days.

That voice belongs to Larry Austin Jr., one that is becoming well known around the program.

"He helps in practice more than anything," said head coach Keno Davis. "Obviously, Larry is essential for what we do in games but we don't have many practices that aren't intense. 

"It's because of what Larry brings each and everyday. There's not many wired like him, it's who he is."

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