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Lotto, Keno operators now 11,120 online casino roulette

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In a data provided by the Branch Operations Sector headed by assistant general manager Remeliza Gabuyo, STL has produced 314,596 jobs as of Jan. 28, 2019. Of 314,596 jobs, 13,720 are organic employees, 26,227 are sales supervisors, and 274,649 are sales agents.

“As you all know, our revenue comes from the hard-earned money of individuals who fall in line daily in lotto and Small Town Lottery outlets to buy their tickets. So they must be informed where their money goes and how PCSO spent their money,” said Balutan.

“STL is obviously the second highest earning product of PCSO with 88 operational Authorized STL agents. It has been giving jobs and decent lives to Filipino people and their families who cannot even pass the nitty-gritties of job fairs due to age, lack of education, and physical disability. We have saved them from vices, drugs, and from being exploited by criminals,” said Balutan.

For Keno, NCR also has the most number of agents at 883, followed by SBTR at 681, NCL at 366, Visayas at 267, and Mindanao at 154.

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office general manager Alexander Balutan announced on Wednesday the number of Lotto and Keno agents reached 11,120 in 2018.

Of the almost P64-billion revenue generated by PCSO in 2018, P31,902,529,360 came from Lotto and digit games, P26,103,422,348.39 from STL, P4,397,969,030 from Keno, P1,149,124,000 from Instant Sweepstakes Ticket, and P4,867,500 from Sweepstakes.

For Lotto, Balutan said the National Capital Region had the most number of agents at 2,251, followed by Visayas at 1,952, Southern Tagalog and Bicol Region at 1,747, Mindanao at 1,674, and Northern and Central Luzon at 1,145.

With Keno, the player has a chance to win up to P1,000,000 for only P12 per play.

“The playing public should know that they might not have won the million jackpot prize, but by their P24 may have saved and stretched the lives of dialysis or chemotherapy patients who are beneficiaries of PCSO under the Individual Medical Assistance Program [IMAP],” he added.

“From January to December 2018, our Lotto and Keno agents have already reached 11,120. Of 11,120, 8,769 are Lotto agents and 2,351 are Keno operators,” said Balutan in a press statement.

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