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Make New Year's Eve the best night of the year, or else! gam

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Why is there always so much pressure to have the perfect New Year's Eve? What's so special about the calendar ticking over anyway? We don't shut down the streets for daylight saving or put on fireworks for the end of the financial year. But given Sydney's reputation as one of the best places in the world for New Year's Eve, we stress over plans for weeks, hoping that one friend with an indecently great harbour view invites us.

I've had nights with perfect views of the bridge but hardly known anyone, and nights where I just enjoyed a good meal with close friends – the latter option is always better. Then again, the best NYEs have views and mates.

A good view of the fireworks is essential, but so is being with good friends.

A good view of the fireworks is essential, but so is being with good friends. Photo: James Horan

Last year, I broke the golden rule, and tried to get to two parties – a family do in Pyrmont, then a 40th in Paddo. Even more foolishly, I tried to drive. I got caught by a road closure near the casino, so parked back at Paddy's Markets and tried the light rail. But it was partially closed, forcing me to walk through Darling Harbour in blister-inducing new shoes, and worst of all, surrender my bottle of wine as I entered the alcohol-free zone. I barely made the 9pm fireworks, and had to leave shortly afterwards.

This year, we're going to an event on foot – and I'll be wearing old shoes.

The appeal against Wild Oats has shown how to settle scores in sporting events, no matter what the result was.

The appeal against Wild Oats has shown how to settle scores in sporting events, no matter what the result was. 

The other important rule? Don't photograph the fireworks unless you're a pro. Your smartphone pics will inevitably look woeful – keep it in your pocket and enjoy the moment for a change, eh?

Slowing Wild Oats

Drama on the high seas! We don't think of yachting as a hotbed of intrigue, but the decision to penalise Wild Oats XI an hour for a risky tacking manoeuvre, sensationally overturning the result and record, has sold me on juries reviewing suss moments in sport. Next year, I'm hoping to appeal the Origin and Bledisloe (of course we'll lose, who are we kidding?) to a super-jury with the power to dock the Maroons and All Blacks 50 points. A win's a win – right, Jim Cooney?


And perhaps Donald Trump should have been docked a few electoral college votes for that tacky manoeuvre in the second debate last year, when he kept hovering behind Hillary Clinton. The president's not great with personal space – based on the accusations that have aired in the media again recently, we might soon see a jury reviewing Trump's penchant for getting too close to women in an attempt to sow his own wild oats.

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Here's to a skinnier New Year

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