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Ponca casino on Nebraskas border may open soon despite lawsu

edit:casino time:2018-11-27

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson says he has “a lot of concern” that if the land is deemed tribal territory “the Ponca Tribe can go around and buy different properties” around Nebraska opening the possibility “those additional properties can be used for gambling purposes.”

The fight unfolded in U.S. Federal District Court. Filed in Iowa’s southern district, the original complaint was filed by the city of Council Bluffs and the state of Iowa. 

Since the city is unable to tax the Ponca Tribe’s designated trust land, city officials negotiated payments to be made in lieu of property taxes.

“The impact from the economic revenue we look to generate here was just too much to walk away from,” Wright said.

Ponca casino on Nebraskas border may open soon despite lawsu century 21 ottawa

The geographical anomaly that is Carter Lake, Iowa sits on the west side of the Missouri River; mushroom shaped, landlocked, and surrounded by bordering Nebraska. 

Larry Wright, chair of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, speaks at the groundbreaking.



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