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There are Bob Dylan fans. And then there is Cornel Bogdan.

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“It was the lyrics and the phrasing,” he said. “He’s also the main reason I got into the blues. His first couple of records, he was covering old blues classics.”

When: Tuesday at 8 p.m.

“I have a serious Dylan addiction,” he said.

“What irks me is when people say ‘it’s different than how it sounds on the album,” said Bogdan. “People like Dylan, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, they don’t want to be known as oldies acts. They don’t want to be REO Speedwagon. They are still releasing some of the finest music, even if there is no one playing it. But I love the way Dylan explores his own music. I think that’s what keeps him wanting to continue to play, and it keeps his band really tight. One of my favorite things to do is to watch his band. They never take their eyes off of him because they never know how he is going to change up a song.”

“There hasn’t been a year since 1988 that he has taken off from touring,” said Bogdan. “You’re never going to hear that ‘this is my final tour’ bit from him. He’ll never stop. He’ll just fade away.”

Where: Covelli Centre

Given that the 77-year-old Dylan has been on the road nearly non-stop for the past 30 years, Bogdan expects to see him a few more times in the future.

As the legendary artist’s return to Covelli draws near (he last played the venue in 2012), The Vindicator asked several area musicians and music-industry insiders – each a longtime Dylan fan – to share their thoughts.

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There are Bob Dylan fans. And then there is Cornel Bogdan.

Even casual fans know that change has been a constant throughout Dylan’s long career, as he embraced different genres: folk, electric folk, gospel, blues. The constantly touring artist also has a long history of changing the arrangement and delivery of even his biggest hits.


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