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and danced in a polka troupe. The identical twins each had

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The sisters visit with each other often and live in LaPorte County.

"You just never knew who you were going to go to when you got hurt," said Cathy Yagelski, Lorraine's daughter. "If they were together, they were dressed the same."

For their 90th birthday celebration, the sisters continued the trend, wearing the same outfit, and together, they entertained dozens of guests.

"You never know what you’re going to get! We were sipping tequila earlier!" said Julie Austin, who traveled from Texas.

"Yeah, she's the mouthy one," Loretta said, prompting Lorraine to tap her hand. "And then she hits me!" (They laughed).

Loretta's granddaughters say their grandmother still has a fiery spirit.

"My mother had one, and then the doctor says, 'Oh, I better not leave!' And here came another one!" Loretta said.

MICHIGAN CITY (WNDU) --- The odds were in the favor of a Michigan City woman at the Blue Chip Casino over the weekend. Loretta Curtis celebrated her 90th birthday with family and friends who traveled near and far. It's a feat, considering the average life expectancy in the United States is nearly 79 years-old, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Growing up, the sisters attended their local Catholic school, graduated from high school together, and danced in a polka troupe. The identical twins each had four children within the same time frame.

15 minutes later, the doctor delivered a surprise: Loretta's twin sister, the sharp-witted Lorraine.

"I always had a companion," said Lorraine.

Referring to Loretta, Lorraine said: "God gave her the better memory than me. I got the second one."

In August of 1928, Loretta's mother gave birth.

"She’s my grandma, and my dad died so like -- she’s all I got left," said Danielle McLachlan, Lorraine's granddaughter. "She means a lot."

 and danced in a polka troupe. The identical twins each had four children within the same time frame.

Loretta and Lorraine have dementia, but that didn't hamper their ability to enjoy the party -- and dance the polka.

But they keep life honest.

Undoubtedly, the sisters share a fondness.

"I'm just glad they are mentally with it enough to understand that this is their party today," said Lynn Jackson, Loretta's daughter and caregiver. "I think that’s very special."

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