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The best fish frys in Milwaukee (and beyond)

edit:casino time:2019-03-06

The following list is taken from an ongoing series in which Caleb Westphal—who hasn’t missed a Friday fish fry since 2013—seeks out the best fish fry in Milwaukee and beyond. These entries represent his “recommended” and “honorable mention” picks. As the series is ongoing, this list is not meant to be definitive. It will be updated with future “recommended” and “honorable mention” picks.

68th Street Pub (Milwaukee)

6800 W. Layton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53220

“The 68th Street Pub building is small, and the entrance opens into the bar area. The dinner seating area is to the left, and the nine tables in the room barely fit. Beer signs and pictures adorn the carpeted walls, and somehow room is made for a handful of gambling machines. They don’t take debit or credit cards, so you have to pay a three dollar convenience fee to use the ATM, which is inconveniently placed between the two bathrooms. I had to move while I was getting my money out so that someone could get to the bathroom.”

Takeaways: Multiple fish fry options, cozy and quaint classic Wisconsin bar atmosphere, gravel parking lot, each component of meal was above average, ATM fees, ATM that is totally in the way, like can’t you get rid of one of those casino games and put it in its place?

Bass Bay Brewhouse (Muskego)

S79W15851 Aud Mar Dr., Muskego, WI 53150

“After the meal, there was one thing yet to be done. I walked out the doors and headed straight for the lake. Sure, going to a lakefront restaurant is probably best done on a bright summer day, not on a cold, dark night in January, but I was going to try to enjoy the surroundings anyway. I looked out over the frozen expanse and saw nothingness, except for the lights emanating from a few houses across the bay. But then I turned around and saw the most immaculate looking building, glowing in its full beauty, which no amount of cold or darkness could overtake. And did I mention the place serves a Friday night fish fry?”

Takeaways: Clam chowder is an appetizer, and no other appetizers are needed; the fish had a pretty mild flavor, but was of high quality all around; solid pancakes and rye bread, standard coleslaw; versatile ambiance; impressive building; always drive down dead end streets.

Café el Sol (Milwaukee)

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