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Are the gambling laws in LA too harsh? poker cards

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Are the gambling laws in LA too harsh?

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Are the gambling laws in LA too harsh? poker cards

As nation’s second largest city and the biggest in the state of California, not to mention being right at the heart of one of the most liberal states in the U.S., you might expect Los Angeles to be pretty free and easy when it comes to regulating gambling. Sure, it’s no Atlantic City or Las Vegas, where the city’s economy relies heavily on casinos and the hospitality surrounding that, but it does allow certain forms of gambling. The real question is whether further liberalization could be possible or even desirable in the future.

There’s certainly an appetite for gambling in the country with figures showing that $240 billion was spent on it in 2013 alone – raising $38 billion in tax revenue in the process. As the chart below that shows, the figures for casino spending in 2012 tells us, not surprisingly, it’s Nevada. New Jersey and Pennsylvania that lead the way when it comes to topping the table. But California is nowhere to be seen. If the laws were to be relaxed, allowing casinos to operate in the state, this could be a very different story.

But, for this to happen it would mean that laws governing the whole area of gambling would have to undergo some fairly fundamental changes on both the state and local levels. Broadly speaking, the current legislation allows the following forms of gambling to take place:


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