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don't bet; everybody does it (the third grade rationale); w

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Bradley said the decision turned “every baseball player, basketball player, football player into a roulette chip.” And every bettor into a dehumanized cash machine working for the state.

When the Supreme Court voided a federal ban on sports betting last May, the flood began. Gambling money will be pouring from the pockets of the suckers into a variety of private and public coffers rather than the guy down at the corner. Wonderful.

Bill Bradley is a former New Jersey senator and basketball star with the New York Knicks. He authored the betting bill ruled unconstitutional.

A gang of us bet weekly on pro football games back in the day in a pool run by a local guy I never met. It was illegal, though we didn't think about that. Wrong picks would cost each of us around two bucks. A winner would get us beer money. Lost a lot more money than we drank.

States are expected to set up all kinds of legal sports betting apparatus, and Indiana has begun looking at the gleefully anticipated windfall.

But with the Depression, some states desperate for cash legalized betting on horse racing and heavily taxed revenue from the track owners in exchange. They both made money short term off the pipe dream of one shot at a big win.

There are a host of cultural troubles that go with gambling – addiction, and lives torn up by it; the regressive tax of gambling that falls heaviest on the poor; a moral climate that defines everything by money and getting more of it any way we can.

Robert P. Lockwood lives in Fort Wayne and is the former president of Our Sunday Visitor.

That's my gambling career. I was never much of a bettor. In college we played Hearts ruthlessly, but for the competition, not money. I avoided poker later on because it bored me and I was cheap. I got to work on other faults.

Those opposed? Painted as religious hypocrites trying to foist an outdated morality on the rest of us. Or simply misguided folk who somehow equate gambling with crime, like an old “Untouchables” episode.

When the court decision was announced, most of the talking heads thought it a great thing. You know the arguments: If you don't like it, don't bet; everybody does it (the third grade rationale); who are you to judge?; and, especially, a great source of tax revenue for the state.


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