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For 10th year, Brockton family brings Nana Sullys Nickels ba

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This year, the family of the late Dorothy Sullivan donated more than $550 to the Enterprise Helping Hands Fund.

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BROCKTON – It’s a cold December evening, and the Pariseau family is making its annual holiday pilgrimage to The Enterprise office.

Mothers and daughters, sons and fathers, grandchildren and great-grandchildren all walk in the doors of the newspaper office on Belmont Street.

In their hands, thousands – perhaps even tens of thousands – of nickels are carried in boxes, bags and buckets.

It’s all part of a family tradition they call “Nana Sully’s Nickels,” in memory of their late matriarch and longtime Brockton resident Dorothy Sullivan.

And like clockwork, the family came for the 10th year Thursday night. About a dozen Pariseaus walked into the Enterrpise newsroom, from Elizabeth (Dorothy’s daughter) to 8-year-old Jayleana, who is Nana Sully’s first great-great-granddaughter.

Sullivan, who passed away in 2007, always made a donation to The Enterprise’s Helping Hands Fund. She was also an avid nickel bingo player, and stockpiled coins for those bingo nights at Caffrey Towers in Brockton.

After she passed away, Elizabeth Pariseau and the family came across baby-food jars filled with nickels, and knew exactly where the change should go.

Thursday’s night’s visit from the family marked 10 years of Nana Sully’s Nickels. When all the change was counted up at Crescent City Credit Union, it added up to $400.45.

The family also donated checks of $100 (that was from Margaret Sullivan-Ahern) and $50 (from Elizabeth and Harold Pariseau) for a grand total of $550.45 for the Helping Hands Fund.

Jayleana Thomson was born two years after Sullivan passed away. But the great-great-granddaughter said she knew exactly why she saved up on nickels and dimes.

“It’s for Nana Sully,” she exclaimed Thursday.

The giving spirit is exactly what Nana Sully would have wanted from her progeny, grandson Shawn Pariseau said.

“She didn’t want anyone to go without,” said Pariseau, who now lives in Fall River. “When she played bingo had extra nickels, she would always give them to ladies who didn’t have any.”

Every member of the family has a few jars around their home throughout the year. The young ones, like Thomson and Aliyah Woods, 5, keep them underneath their beds. When Christmastime rolls around, they start putting all the jars together.

Elizabeth Pariseau said she never wants the family fundraiser to end.

“I’m not going to let it go,” she said. “I don’t want them to forget – they say you’re not really dead and gone until no one says your name. I want all these kids to remember Nana Sully.”

For 20 years, the Enterprise Helping Hands Fund has raised money for local nonprofit organizations. This year’s Jingle Bell Run, the charity’s biggest event, raised $18,000.

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