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participants pay $1 per card and each game has a cash prize

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"Our last game was held back in February, so it had been nearly 10 months since we had bingo," CoA Director Marge McDonald said.

"This is our day out," Lyver said.

After nearly a year long absence, bingo returned to the Burlington Council on Aging last week. 

"The new display and system are brand new. Before we had the basic bingo board and traditional bingo machine. The new system is faster and much quieter," McDonald said. 

Adams said that the pair had been to another bingo game during the long layoff, but didn't like it as much as the games they were used to in Burlington.

Extensive renovations to the Council on Aging building at 61 Center St. forced the cancellation of the bingo games as the activity room at the center was closed. The games officially returned on Thursday, Jan. 3 with State Representative Ken Gordon as the guest caller. The second week back saw another good crowd on Jan. 10 as long-time players returned to the CoA to resume what had been a weekly ritual.

"We added closet space in the back, and created a lot more space in the front," McDonald said. "Bingo and exercise classes are the most popular regular activities we have at the CoA."

"We went once to the Billerica Council on Aging to play, but we didn't like it and never went back," Adams said.

To play, participants pay $1 per card and each game has a cash prize, typically ranging between $20 and $40, depending on the size of the crowd.

The renovations to the room increased the capacity of the activity room, and improved accessibility.

For veteran players such as Mary Adams and Jack Lyver, the return of one of the council's most popular events was a welcome sign.


"We play every week," Adams said. "He and I are neighbors, and he and his wife used to come. I like to win, but its also a way to get out and see people," Adams said.

In addition to the new space, the games have a new digital system for choosing and calling out numbers, which speeds up the game and creates less distraction for the players.

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