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Cognac Sale Promises Angels' Delight  

4. Jules Robin Vintage Cognac A truly exceptional Cognac as evidenced by the very few offers available across three vintages, the 1858, 1845 and 1789. Gone are the flash crystal-encrusted decanters, instead traditional wax-sealed bottles with old worn labels take center stage. Jules Robin is not the distiller but instead the négociant, the 1789 was made by a small distillery owned by the Barraud family but, because these Cognacs are so old, the exact information on how they came to be is hard to come by and much of it comes down to educated guesswork. The 1789, for example, probably spent 70 years in cask but we can't be sure. Surprise, surprise not enough critics have tasted it, but we can give you the average price at $21,400.

6. Hine 250th Anniversary Limited Edition Founded in 1763 by Thomas Hine, an Englishman who married into a Cognac family, Hine has gone on to produce numerous lauded brandies. The Hine 250, made in honor of the house's sestercentennial, was created from the 1953 vintage and described by cellarmaster Eric Forget as "the most exquisite that I have ever tasted since I have been at Hine". We'll have to take his word for it as, at an average of $16,663 a bottle, we're unlikely to get so much as a sniff.


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